Now that it’s not unbearable to be outside anymore, I find myself wanting to be outside as much as possible .

All I want to do is explore the city, Japan , Everything! Isn’t it funny how the weather ( And temperature) affect our moods so much? I didn’t have so much genki in August and half of September, But now that it’s October (practically). I can’t seem to sit still.


The list of things that I wanted to see / do in Japan has been waiting patiently, It’s time I give it some attention again!


I see restaurant on TV, I see travel destinations ( semi-local) , I see and hear about events… How do people work and still do everything they want to ?! I suppose at some point  I’m supposed to whittle my list down, but I kind of don’t want. If it’s on my list, I want to see it. Although, I suppose some of them are a want, not a need. I need to see to go to an aquarium that I’ve been to 5 or more times, but I want to . Some places are fabulous to visit multiple times, some … once is enough :-). I would like to go hike the 48 waterfalls of Takihata . But I fear that I’ve missed the opportune window of time 3 that it will be quite cold now! I think I’ll try to squeeze it in sometime in October… hopefully !




Tako (nashi) yaki challenge

Octopus is really popular in Japan. No matter where you go, you’re bound to find a piece of a little red, rubbery tentacle in your food. Octopus in chawanmushi, octopus in okonomiyaki, miniature octopus sitting atop sushi on the conveyor belt at Kurazushi… Octopus, octopus, octopus! How many times have I used octopus in this article so far? Are you keeping count? Maybe you should just in case you encounter an octopus quiz at the end of this article. 続きを読む

describing people

What’s in – or on – a face? A nose, two eyes (three if you can see into the future), a mouth, ears, eyebrows etc. Being able to describe the human face can turn out to be really useful in the following situations: your child disappears in the supermarket, your purse gets snatched by some young thug on a scooter, you need to identify the love of your life from across the room (to a friend, of course). All of these situations require you to have a firm grasp of the nouns and adjectives attached to the face. 続きを読む





最初に、皆さんはオーストラリアの possum という動物ご存知ですか?
夜行性の主に木に住んでいる動物です。見た目は大きいモンモンガーやねずみみたいな動物なんですが齧歯動物ではありません。カンガルーやコアラと同じ marsupial なんです。Marsupial は何かというと、赤ちゃんを体のポケットみたいなところに入れてしばらく育てる動物です。(日本語では「有袋類」だそうです)