Do animals have eyebrows?

I know that this is a seriously weird question but I just had to ask it. I’ve never seen an animal with eyebrows… until today.

Meet Sam, the cat with eyebrows.

This cat is capable of expressing his emotions nearly as well as a human might. So…


the many faces of mochi

I love mochi – a lot. Last week, at Sala’s party, I had deep fried mochi in soup for the first time. It was absolutely delicious! Now I’m on a quest to try every type of mochi that’s ever been created.

Here are the types of mochi that I’ve already tried…


an odd goldfish story

Have you ever had a goldfish as a pet? After reading a current news story in the National Geographic about a gigantic goldfish, I was reminded of my own pet goldfish from oh so long ago.

When I was in elementary school (maybe eight or nine years old) I went to a small fair on a class trip.