Strawberries are now in season. Big, fat, juicy strawberries. There aren’t many natural things in this world that are as sweet or versatile as strawberries. You can do hundreds of things with them.

Here are a few ideas for you during strawberry season.


Happy Waffle Day! + recipe

Today just happens to be National Waffle Day What does this mean? Well, you basically eat waffles. You can cook them yourself or go out and buy some, but the key point is that you consume a waffle or six sometime today.

Where did Waffle Day originate from?


Hobbies in Canada

There are many interesting hobbies to choose from nowadays. Having a hobby is very important in order to keep your mind active during downtime, and it’s great for stress relief. In Japan, flower arrangement, playing a musical instrument, watching movies, and karaoke are popular hobbies. But what do Canadians like to do in their free time? It really depends on what part of the country you live in.

Here are some unique hobbies that the people in Canada enjoy.