Fun things to do in Canada

I’m always amazed at all the interesting activities that we can try out in Japan. Traditional things like making Japanese pottery with our bare hands, or painting a picture of our choosing on a dish that has already been fired and dried. And unusual, but incredibly fun, things like making wax or plastic models of food. So, I began to wonder, and reminisce, about all the great things that one can experience in Canada.


Fun things to do in Canada
When I was a child, I went with my class on a week-long trip up north to stay on a farm. And on this farm, while learning about how the Native Indians and English settlers had lived, we learnt how to cook, fish, make candles, and camouflage ourselves in the wood. Probably the activities I enjoyed the most were the candle-making and survival game.

Candle making is quite a popular hobby amongst Canadians and Americans. The more basic, hand dipped candles are not too difficult to make and make wonderful presents to give to friends and family. Not only do they look nice, and the scented ones also smell nice, but they come in handy during a blackout. Hot wax can alternately be poured into molds and then allowed to dry into perfect shapes.

There are many types of survival games in Canada. Although survival video games are all the rage now, nothing beats a real survival game that is played outdoors. There was an old paintball field not far from the house where I lived in Toronto. People young and old alike would dress up in fatigues and put on masks and protective gear before picking up a high powered paintball gun and setting off to have a shoot-out with the opposing team. Apparently paintball is such a morally lifting activity that many Canadian and American companies sign up their employees for a day of stress relief and coworker bonding.

For anyone wanting to get away from it all, a farm vacation might be just what you need! There are many types of farm vacations, depending on what farm – or ranch – you decide on. Some of these vacations were organized in order to educate the visitors on what farm life is all about. You will be able to help out with the chickens, ride a horse, go on a sheep herding adventure, and milk some cows. And of course food is included in all of these trips so you should show up with a big appetite for organically grown produce.

If you want to have freedom of movement in warmer temperatures, the best time to visit Canada is anywhere from late Spring to early Fall. That way you won’t have to invest in a down jumpsuit and lug tons of layers with you wherever you go. Here are some farms/ranches in Canada that you can check out for your next vacation!

~ Samantha

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