TV show recommendation

People are always asking me if I can recommend a good Canadian TV show to watch. Up until now, I’ve had a difficult time answering because all of the TV shows that I’m currently interested in are either American or British. Finally, I have found a good Canadian TV show worthy of recommendation.

Continuum is a sci-fi drama that is filmed in Vancouver, stars many Canadian actors and actresses, and is produced by a Canadian company. The story revolves around Kiera Cameron, a female police officer from the year 2077. After some sort of conspiracy, Kiera and a group of criminals are transported back to 2012 where they fight over the fate of the future. Kiera does her best to blend in and acclimatize to her new timeline while trying to prevent the criminals from altering the past in order to rewrite the future. The special effects and storyline are quite good, and the characters interesting and likeable. The music is also provided by Jeff Dana, an amazing Canadian composer who has created some really unique and memorable TV/movie soundtracks.

~ Samantha

摂津市 吹田市 茨木市 で英会話を学ぶならコチラ!!