Beautiful places to visit

After speaking to many of Sala’s students over the past few weeks about vacation spots, I’ve chosen the top 3 that I’d like to visit sometime in the future. I’ve kept my choices within a relatively reasonable flying distance from Japan (I hate airplanes), and have selected places that have a distinctly unique atmosphere.

So, here’s my list.


How weird running/jogging can be

Last week, I got into a new hobby – again. Thanks to Mayumi, I am expending all of my spiritual energy on jogging. In the past, I’ve done quite a bit of running (sprinting), but no further than 400 meters. So, jogging 5+ kms seemed like unnatural torture, at first. But now, after going jogging for 5-6.5 kms at a time, I think that I’m getting used to it. And maybe, a part of me even likes it. Probably the part of me that can’t feel pain.

While I was looking up some jogging tips on the Internet, I came across some interesting / WEIRD information.



Spring is upon us and the weather couldn’t be better as of late. However, my new lifestyle doesn’t allow me to care about such things anymore. Last year, I was cycling around the city in my spare time, visiting parks and doing other various activities before the heat and humidity of summer in Osaka struck. This year, I am the new father of a beautiful baby boy. It is amazing how much time fatherhood occupies.