Chocolate Pudding Tastes Great!

Chocolate Pudding Tastes Great!

Many of you can use “look” and “sound”.
These words are used for giving opinions.
Taste also uses the same basic grammar.




シンプル英語エクササイズ~ Expressing necessity – Deserted Island

Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island (無人島). What kind of items do you think might be useful to have? What would you absolutely need in order to survive (生き残る) 30 days?

Surviving the island 続きを読む

シンプル英語エクササイズー読書ーThings to do during the summer

Summer in Japan can be extremely hot and humid, unbearable even. But, with enough careful planning, it won’t be boring. There are many fun things to do in Japan during the summer. Here are some ideas that have already been jotted down in my schedule.


〜シンプル英語エクササイズ〜Comparative adverbs

What are comparative adverbs? They are a useful grammar tool that helps us describe the way in which something is done. It’s easy to say that Mary sings and Peter dances, but it’s more descriptive to say that Cindy sings clearly and Robert dances gracefully. And if we want to compare them, we can say that Cindy sings more clearly than Mary. And Robert dances more gracefully than Peter.

First, let’s look at a list of adverbs and then make some comparative adverb sentences.

Adverbs: 続きを読む

Different types of salad dressing

Many students have asked me about the different salad dressings that can be found in Canada. They are always surprised when they hear the variety that we have to choose from. I’ve made a list of some popular salad dressings that you may, or may not, be able to find in Japan.


my favorite birds

I’ve always had an interest in big birds – birds of prey – but this year, I seem to have also developed a fondness for small, cute birds as well. Here are some of my favorite birds, not in any particular order.


Happy Father’s Day!

Why is it that Mother’s Day is so much easier to deal with than Father’s Day? I can think of a million presents to buy my mother. I know her dress size. I know her favorite color and the colors that she hates the most. I even know her favorite magazine. But, when it comes to my father, the only thing I know for sure is that he doesn’t want another t-shirt for Father’s Day. So, what do I get him? I honestly have no idea, so I’ve looked up some ideas on the Internet that might prove useful for me… and anyone else who has no idea what to get their father today.