Interesting houses from around the world

What kind of house do you live in? Moving into a new house is a fun and exciting experience, but designing your own house – if you have the money – can lead to something very unique and amazing.

Here are some of the most impressive houses that I came across while browsing the Internet.

This is the perfect house for the ultimate candy fan.

This house kind of looks like a seashell with a kaleidoscope background.

Tree houses have really become more elaborate over the years.

If you want to welcome space invaders to your home, this house will be perfect for the job.

Why get a dog when you can live inside one?

A very bizarre village of underground houses.

This looks more like a quaint little prison than a house.

This house might not be too safe if there is an earthquake, typhoon, or thunderstorm.

~ Samantha

摂津市 吹田市 茨木市 で英会話を学ぶならコチラ!!