Famous Canadians

Canada is a really awesome country; many famous and inspiring people were born in Canada. Some of them you may know, while others may come as a bit of a surprise to you.

Check out these important Canadian legends!

Alexander Graham Bell may have been born and raised in Scotland, but when he invented the telephone – one of the most important inventions to date – he was both living in Canada and a Canadian citizen.

William Shatner is not only famous for his portrayal of Captain Kirk on Star Trek, but also for his comedic talent, and for the work he does to protect horses.

Pamela Anderson is well known for her long stint on the beach drama Baywatch, and is also a very vocal animal rights activist.

Frank Owen Gehry is an extremely popular Canadian-American architect whose buildings around the world are famous and revered. He is probably best known for creating the Guggenheim Museum.

Todd McFarlane is a really successful Canadian artist who has worked for Marvel Comics, and is responsible for the creation of the very successful comic Spawn.

~ Samantha

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