International Rabbit Day

Rabbits are extremely cute, fluffy creatures with big puffy tails and long floppy ears. Who doesn’t love rabbits? The 4th Saturday in September just happens to be International Rabbit Day – a day where people learn more about rabbits and how to protect and care for them. (In some countries, International Rabbit Day is celebrated on the Sunday instead of the Saturday)

So, in preparation for International Rabbit Day, let’s learn more about rabbits in English!

Rabbit Facts

  • Rabbits have nearly 360° panoramic vision
  • Rabbits can jump 1 meter high and 3 meters long
  • Rabbits create and live in tunnels with many exits and entrances
  • A happy rabbit leaps into the air, twists its body, and flicks its feet
  • Rabbits thump their hind legs to alert other rabbits to danger
  • Pet rabbits should be kept in pairs to ensure they are happy and live longer
  • Rabbits get bored easily so pet rabbits should have their home occasionally ‘renovated’ with new toys
  • Rabbits, similar to dogs, can also be trained to do tricks

~ Samantha

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