Baseball is not popular in Australia.  Most Australians play cricket, rugby and soccer.
Australia has a “professional league”, but it is not televised and my Australian friends didn’t know about it.
For most Australian players it is a hobby.  Australia beat Japan in the 2004 Olympics semi-finals.  Australia fielded a team of semi professionals who had day jobs and won 1-0 against Daisuke Matsuzaka.  It was an amazing victory, but most Australians didn’t care.


〜シンプル英語エクササイズ〜 5 other ways to say “Very Good”

5 other ways to say “Very Good”

There are many ways to express yourself.
Good and great are popular words and many students say very good or great.

Q:  How was your weekend?
A:  It was good.

Q:  What did you do?
A:  I went to a nice restaurant.

Q:  How was the restaurant.
A:  It was very good.

I think it can be fun to use other words.
Here are some words similar to very good and great:

Excellent:  良い、優秀な、優れた、卓越した、

The raccoon ate lots of fish.  The raccoon is feeling excellent.


In Honor of Cats

National Cat Day

My grandparents owned two cats.
My uncle found them as kittens in the mid 80’s.  He named them “Pi” and “Nya”.
Pi was a tabby cat.  Pi had a mix of stripes and spots.
Pi was a scaredy cat, it was always scared of everything and didn’t like people.
Nya was a bobtail cat.  It was dark brown with black spots.  It had large yellow eyes.


シンプル英語エクササイズ ーPunctuation and good sentence structure

What is punctuation? It includes all the . / , / ; / – / ! /… that you usually find in a sentence. Without them, it is very hard for the reader to make sense of what has been written.

Take these two sentences, for example. Which is easier to read?

1. yesterday i went to the amusement park which is next to osaka port there was a pool with many penguins that we could play with do i like penguins of course I do

2. Yesterday, I went to the amusement park, which is next to Osaka Port. There was a pool with many penguins that we could play with. Do I like penguins? Of course I do!

What was wrong with the first sentence? Let’s break it down and find out!