Things to watch when you’re bored

For the past 9 days I’ve been sick with the flu. For 5 of those days I couldn’t speak due to a horrible throat infection. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to speak, especially when you’re in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. So, the only thing I could really do was watch TV – online. My virus-addled brain just wasn’t feeling up to Japanese programs, which left me to search for English programs instead.

I’d gone through 2 episodes of Devious Maids a few days before getting sick, so 続きを読む

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has a different meaning in Canada than it does in Japan. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is when women give chocolates to their boyfriends, husbands, bosses (or any male coworker that they feel obligated to). In Canada, the men are usually the ones giving chocolates to their girlfriends or wives. While the recipient of the chocolates might differ, both countries have something in common – the chocolate makers become substantially richer after Valentine’s Day.

Maybe this year it’s time to break away from tradition and give something other than chocolates.


Why Fukui is awesome

Fukui is like a winter wonderland. It’s so white and beautiful in the winter. The air is crisp and clean. The sushi is so fresh and delicious. And the vegetables and fruits are bigger and juicier than their counterparts in Umeda. Before going to Fukui, Mayumi asked me what there was to do there. I really had to think about it because I kind of take the good things for granted.

Tojinbo is a spectacular tourist attraction with steep cliffs overlooking choppy waters below. 続きを読む