Cooking-related tools in English

There are many stylish and useful cooking utensils / gadgets that you can buy online from American, French, or Italian etc. sites. These sites ship to Japan for a nominal fee and some of their products are far superior to the ones that you can buy in your neighborhood store. BUT, before you can order online, you need to know how to search for these items in English.

Do you know what this is called in English because I have no idea what it’s called in Japanese. In English, this kitchen tool is fairly easy to remember. It’s called a garlic press and makes crushing garlic a breeze.

A blender is a useful appliance to have in the kitchen. You can mix or puree things like fruits and vegetables.

What do you call a spoon with holes in it? A slotted spoon is great for scooping poached eggs or vegetables out of a boiling pot.

Although there are many different types of spatulas, the one above is the most commonly used in most kitchens.

I used my grater to grate 4 different types of cheese for my homemade pizza yesterday. It’s probably one of my more popular kitchen tools.

Unless you have a digital watch that keeps track of seconds, you’re going to need a kitchen timer to ensure you get perfectly boiled eggs every time.

If you’re making soup, you’ll need a ladle to carefully pour it into bowls after it’s done.

For draining the water out of pasta and vegetables, you will need a sieve, which can also be referred to as a colander.

~ Samantha

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