Headphones and Earphones

Headphones & Earphones

I think the difference in sound quality between headphones and earphones is amazing.
My father and friends collect headphones and earphones.  I feel lucky that I have tried many earphones.

I don’t think there is a best brand or model.  They are like different flavours of ice cream, they all have different characteristics.   Some are good for jazz, while others are great for hard rock.  I think that good earphones, between 10,000 to 30,000 Yen can make a big difference in how you enjoy music.  I believe a good pair makes music better.

Most feature 1 driver per channel.  Earphone drivers are like hi-fi speakers.   Some contain 2, 3 or sometimes 4 drivers per channel.  These pairs of earphones have a crossover.  A crossover is a part that splits the sound into bass,  middle and treble.  A crossover might move the bass to one driver and move the treble to another driver.  Each driver can be built to suit a frequency.

Some emphasise a frequency, but I think that neutral sounding headphones are the best, because you can change the EQ on devices.  If you buy a pair that emphasises the bass, it is very difficult to change the EQ.


Emphasise (verb):  強調する、力説する
Many Australian schools emphasise sports.

EQ (noun):  イコライザー
The EQ emphasised the bass.

Neutral (adjective):  中立の、一方に肩入れしない
I am neutral, I don’t support the Hanshin Tigers and Tokyo Giants.

Suit (verb):  適合する、満足させる、合う、適合する
Red wine suits steak.

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