My Yellow Umbrella

My Yellow Umbrella

I am very forgetful.  I often forget where things are.
I have lost 6 umbrellas in the last year.
Four broke due to heavy winds, but I left the other two at restaurants.
Two months ago I decided that it was time to buy a compact umbrella, so I started looking.

I was looking for a tough umbrella that could resist heavy winds.  I visited 3 different Lofts, 2 Tokyu Hands and every department store in Umeda and Namba.  I couldn’t decide until last month.  I found a yellow carbon (炭素) umbrella. It was perfect as it was durable, compact and light.

Most people I know have told me that I look like a elementary school student, but I think it is better to be safe than sorry.   I think yellow is highly visible(目に見える), especially at night.  It stands out so much that I don’t think I will lose it.


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