Cooking-related tools in English

There are many stylish and useful cooking utensils / gadgets that you can buy online from American, French, or Italian etc. sites. These sites ship to Japan for a nominal fee and some of their products are far superior to the ones that you can buy in your neighborhood store. BUT, before you can order online, you need to know how to search for these items in English.

Do you know what this is called in English because I have no idea what it’s called in Japanese. 続きを読む

Scottish food

Scones are really well-known and popular in Japan. The scones you find in the cafes can be quite small or seriously overpriced. They might be one of the very few Scottish foods that the Japanese people are familiar with. But, there are many more traditional Scottish foods that are delicious and not very difficult to make.


シンプル英語エクササイズ Kitchen verbs

There are many different verbs that English speakers use when talking about food. It’s very important to choose the correct verb in the kitchen, or risk someone thinking that you are a horrible (or dangerous) cook.

For example, when it comes to cakes, cookies, and bread, we should always use the verb bake. We can’t cook a cake. It just sounds really wrong and weird.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has a different meaning in Canada than it does in Japan. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is when women give chocolates to their boyfriends, husbands, bosses (or any male coworker that they feel obligated to). In Canada, the men are usually the ones giving chocolates to their girlfriends or wives. While the recipient of the chocolates might differ, both countries have something in common – the chocolate makers become substantially richer after Valentine’s Day.

Maybe this year it’s time to break away from tradition and give something other than chocolates.


Why Fukui is awesome

Fukui is like a winter wonderland. It’s so white and beautiful in the winter. The air is crisp and clean. The sushi is so fresh and delicious. And the vegetables and fruits are bigger and juicier than their counterparts in Umeda. Before going to Fukui, Mayumi asked me what there was to do there. I really had to think about it because I kind of take the good things for granted.

Tojinbo is a spectacular tourist attraction with steep cliffs overlooking choppy waters below. 続きを読む