A new TV series rec

The other day I started to watch a new TV series produced by Steven Spielberg – the man who produced E.T. and Jurassic Park. It’s a TV mini-series that has been receiving high ratings and a lot of interest over the past few weeks.


TV show recommendation

People are always asking me if I can recommend a good Canadian TV show to watch. Up until now, I’ve had a difficult time answering because all of the TV shows that I’m currently interested in are either American or British. Finally, I have found a good Canadian TV show worthy of recommendation.


TV drama rec

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to get into another American TV show that goes on for 7-8 seasons because it takes up too much of my free time. And it prevents me from sleeping. I can’t handle the suspense and the “to be continued” that gets tagged at the bottom of every episode. Well, I broke my promise when I joined Hulu for a 2-week free trial period. 続きを読む