New book recommendation

Thanks to Ben, I finally have a new book to read. I’m an incredibly picky reader and can give up on a book at any time (or chapter). This sometimes discourages me from scouting for worthwhile books to read. A lot of them start off promising but fall flat after a few chapters. Quite a few that I’ve gone through were actually well written, but trailed off into human tragedy and depressing monologue that had me rushing to delete the offensive material off of my Kindle.

But, I started to read The Name of the Wind last night and have yet to fall asleep out of boredom, or roll my eyes at repetitive and overused adverbs, so I think that I might actually finish it.


TV show recommendation

People are always asking me if I can recommend a good Canadian TV show to watch. Up until now, I’ve had a difficult time answering because all of the TV shows that I’m currently interested in are either American or British. Finally, I have found a good Canadian TV show worthy of recommendation.