Gross things in the supermarket

According to a survey that was recently done in the United States, there are some scary things lurking on the shelves in your friendy local supermarket. “Like what?” You might be asking yourself. Calories, fat, and artificial flavoring usually comes to mind when you think of supermarket+unhealthy.


It is hot, isn’t it?

Summer is in full swing here in Osaka. It is on my mind now, as I sit and drip bullets (bullets refer to the drops of sweat that form and drip off of your body). Luckily, the weather is a common small talk topic for most Westerners. However, I am not usually one who joins in on such conversations. This time, I will make an exception.

I can not believe the recent temperatures outside. I must say, I was not expecting the heat to be that intense here in the summer. I have been telling people, as a joke, that it feels like a microwave (a common household cooking appliance) outside. This may be slightly due to the fact that I am bald and that my bald head gets direct sunlight that may be cooking my brain.

I have been warning others of the heat and advising them not to melt (to change state, from solid to liquid). Also another weak joke, but I never claimed to be a comedian.

It becomes boring to repeat the same phrase over and over. It’s hot. It’s so hot. It’s too hot. If you’re wondering what else to say when the weather is like this, there are a variety of expressions that can be used.

It’s sweltering. It’s boiling. It’s scorching. It’s smokin’ hot. It’s unbearably hot. It’s like a sauna out there. Who turned up the sun? I’m burning up. I’m sweating bullets. I’m roasting.

I don’t know how far the list goes, but my sun baked brain is tapped dry.

What other expressions do you know to describe weather?


夏ですねぇ☆いいですねぇ♪♪うれしくて仕方ないわ *るんるんるん*



Image 私が一番好きだったのはこの子。体重100gもないんじゃないかな。可愛いでしょ?モフモフしたいでしょ?ぴーちゃんって名づけたいでしょ?






Test your acronyms!

What are acronyms? They’re a convenient way of typing common phrases… without typing common phrases – at least not in their entirety. DYCWIM? (Do you see what I mean?) If you’re in the middle of an online chat, typing repetitive phrases wastes time so acronyms really help out in keeping the flow of your conversation fast and simple.

See how many of these acronyms you know.