Healthy cooking with salmon

Do you love salmon? Are you feeling a bit adventurous and want to try a new recipe with me? Grilled salmon, salmon sashimi, and salmon pasta are all delicious but Spring is the season for change, so it’s time to throw that salmon into a food processor!


cute cats

Cats are incredibly cute, independent, graceful, and furry (generally speaking). There are fat cats, skinny cats, cats with long tails, cats with stubby tails, striped cats, plain cats, hungry cats, and sneaky cats. Cats are everywhere.

But there are also unusual cats. Have you ever seen a cat like this?

This cat is a Devon Rex. Aside from willingly going for a walk on a leash and playing fetch (much like a dog), this cat is incredibly smart and can be taught tricks.


shocking food chain reversal

When you think of a seal you probably imagine something really cute and cuddly, like this.

However, a different kind of seal recently made the news for completely un-seal-like behavior. Be warned, viewing the following pictures may change your image of seals for life.