Cute Cats: Talking about Pictures

Cute Cats and the Present Progressive Tense

The cat is wearing a slice of bread…

When we talk about pictures we use the present progressive tense.
Describing pictures is good practice.  You should try describing the pictures below.
Here are some of my examples:



英語リーディング Seasonal changes

There are many things that change along with the month and season. For example, the amount of pollen has drastically increased, and with it the number of hay fever sufferers. What else changes as we enter the spring season?

シンプル英語エクササイズ Countryside

Many people make the mistake of using the word countryside as an adjective. It’s actually a noun and is commonly used like this, “My grandfather lives in the countryside.” If you want to describe the type of place your grandfather lives in – with an adjective – you’ll probably want to say, “My grandfather lives in a very rural neighborhood.”


〜シンプル英語エクササイズ〜時間後 : The lesson starts in 5 minutes!

The lesson starts in 5 minutes!

Many people make this mistake:  “The lesson starts after 20 minutes”
“In” is used with time remaining:  “The lesson starts in 20 minutes”
“After” is used with an event:  “The lesson starts after lunch”
Here are some examples: