My Neighbourhood

My Neighbourhood in Australia

My family are about to move into another apartment next Friday.
Interestingly it’s only next next door.
I thought it would be a good time to talk about the neighbourhood.

My family have lived there since 2004.  It is to the west of Sydney, 20 minutes by train from the city centre.
The train station is only 2 minutes walk and buses come regularly.

It’s a very quiet area.  There is a large park that has a river running through it.
Many people walk their dogs along the river.  I often went jogging around the park.
There are 2 soccer/rugby fields.  I sometimes went to play soccer with my brother.
I hoped he would lose weight, but he didn’t.

There isn’t much, but there is a corner shop, grocery store and liquor shop.
When I was hungry and too lazy to cook, I would go to one of 3 fast food places.
I would often pickup pizzas on my days off.

There is a large road to the North.   At night it can be noisy due to loud vehicles.
Especially the street sweeper

Compared to my current home, it was a lot more beautiful and quiet.



摂津市 吹田市 茨木市 で英会話を学ぶならコチラ!!

TV show recommendation

People are always asking me if I can recommend a good Canadian TV show to watch. Up until now, I’ve had a difficult time answering because all of the TV shows that I’m currently interested in are either American or British. Finally, I have found a good Canadian TV show worthy of recommendation.


Summer in Toronto

In Toronto, the winter seems to drag on forever; a long season burdened with grey skies and freezing cold temperatures. When spring finally does make an appearance, things seem to fly by at warp speed – the flowers bloom, the trees become greener with lush leaves and hidden squirrels, and the dirty, slushy snow melts away into nothingness. And then, before you know it, it’s summer.

Summer in Toronto is the absolute best! It’s not too hot or humid, but hot enough to warrant tank tops, shorts, and Birkenstock sandals.


Fun things to do in Canada

I’m always amazed at all the interesting activities that we can try out in Japan. Traditional things like making Japanese pottery with our bare hands, or painting a picture of our choosing on a dish that has already been fired and dried. And unusual, but incredibly fun, things like making wax or plastic models of food. So, I began to wonder, and reminisce, about all the great things that one can experience in Canada.


Fun things to do in Canada 続きを読む