TV drama rec

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to get into another American TV show that goes on for 7-8 seasons because it takes up too much of my free time. And it prevents me from sleeping. I can’t handle the suspense and the “to be continued” that gets tagged at the bottom of every episode. Well, I broke my promise when I joined Hulu for a 2-week free trial period. 続きを読む

Santa claus parade

Yesterday, the Santa Claus Parade celebrated its 108th anniversary in Toronto; it’s been a well loved tradition for Torontonians since it first began in 1905. To this day, I still wonder why it takes place in the middle of November and not around the end of December, which is much closer to Christmas. I guess that it might be because the snow and plummeting temperatures don’t make for a wonderful parade environment, but I’m not entirely sure. 続きを読む

real-life barbie

I was trying to come up with something educational to blog about today – and found many interesting animal stories – but I figured that I ought to give the furry beasts a rest for a while. So, instead, I stumbled upon this news story that kind of made me lose my appetite. This post is filled with mind-warping photos and should only be viewed if the idea of a woman with Barbie proportions won’t give you nightmares.