Highly recommended movie

Everyone knows that I’m a Marvel fanatic so I’ll skip the “why I love Iron Man” speech and let you enjoy the trailer for Iron Man 3. Yes, I know that it won’t be released until next year, but I still got incredibly excited when I saw this. This trailer also had 11+ million views in the past 24 hours – quite a record for any Youtube video. 続きを読む

All about pumpkins

As Halloween creeps stealthily closer, so does the need to engage in pumpkin talk. There are so many ways Canadians use pumpkins, keeping them in high demand throughout the fall season. You probably already know all about pumpkin pie, Jack O’ Lanterns, and pumpkin soup. So what else is there? 続きを読む

Peculiar laws in Canada

Unless you have an abundance of free time on your hands, you probably don’t keep up with all the new laws and by-laws in Japan. There are laws that may seem silly, laws that nobody enforces, or laws that the general population ignores. Have you ever broken any laws? After checking with a list of what is legally unacceptable in Canada it would seem that I’m quite the unlawful criminal. 続きを読む