Quote Of The Week 10

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



〜シンプル英語エクササイズ〜 Past Tense (Irregular verbs) -過去形(不規則動詞)

When it comes to regular verbs, putting them into the past tense is fairly easy – for most you just add “ed” And for a couple you double the last consonant…
ex: slam – slammed / pit – pitted

But irregular verbs don’t seem to follow any set pattern, so it’s best to just do your best to memorize them.


〜シンプル英語エクササイズ〜 Find the nouns, verbs, and adjectives – 名詞•動詞•形容詞を見つけよう

Halloween is coming up next week, making this the perfect time to share a short little spooky story with everyone. While you are reading the story below, try to find as many nouns 名詞、 verbs 動詞、 and adjectives 形容詞 as you can.


Explore Australia – Homestay #1

Hi, it’s Mayumi again!

This is the second article about my adventures in Australia.

I assume some  Senrioka students have experienced a homestay or some may be interested in it.

So, this time, let me write some about how my homestay was.


〜シンプル英語エクササイズ〜 Words with multiple meanings -多義語

Sometimes English and Japanese can be quite similar, epecially when it comes to one word holding multiple meanings. Let’s look at some commonly used words that can be used in several different ways.